Sunday, October 18, 2009

Daily Public Gold and Dinar Prices @ NanYang Shang Bao (南洋商报) Financial Section.

I suppose this is another Record Breaking achivement by Public Gold and Public Dinar to publish dialy prices on one of the malaysia leading chinese newspaper. We strongly belief this is just the begining, and we expect more local dailies will follow suite to publish public gold and public dinar for the benefit of their readers respectively.

Our main objective for this strategy move is to create a standard reference of gold and dinar prices for local market and maybe later for the world market especially for dinar price. i personal felt this is not only malaysia's record , this is the world's record.
Sincerely hope public gold partners and customers will benefit for this move.
Remember public gold always move 3 steps from others and our business concept will keep on breaking record all over the world.
Most important, is you must always with us. and I count on you , my dear friend.


  1. Thank you to Public Gold for this great effort & I hope this info will also be published in other major news paper & more readers will develop interest in gold for their future saving.

    I sincerely appreciate the opportunity I had from PG to be one of their agents & hope this new venture will be the best I ever involve!- AIDAQ

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