Sunday, January 31, 2010

Introduction of Public Jewellery

16 January 2010, at our Public Gold seminar held in Kompleks Tabung Haji, we had announced our next two major launches; the 916 gold jewellery and 1kg silver bar. Both items are poised for launch on 28 February 2010, in conjuction with the official opening of our Kuala Lumpur branch.

These products herald new major milestones in our business industry.

The first milestone, our 1kg silver bullion bar will be the receipt of the Malaysia Book of Records as the first locally manufactured certified silver bullion bar. Just like our gold bullion bar-Malaysia definitely boleh!

The second milestone, we are introducing our very own gold jewellery collection that will revolutionize the way we purchase them, both buying and selling.

Traditionally, gold jewellery items are sold according to the prices fixed by the (goldsmith) association. However, when it comes to selling back to the shop, there’s no reference price. This often results in the shops buying back at a much lower level than the actual gold price its worth.

With our innovative system we buy and sell gold jewellery based on the international live gold prices. This brings a couple of benefits; first, you avoid the middle man cost that normally comes with it (overheads, marl-ups etc), and second, you buy ALL our gold jewellery based on the actual price it is worth that day.

Additionally, to ensure authencity of our gold jewellery collection, they are ALL certified and hallmarked by an approved Assayer. Furthermore, each item carries the assay office hallmark as well-definitely worth its weight in gold!

We see with the introduction of this new system through Public Jewellery, it will greatly change how we buy gold jewellery in the market today and for tomorrow!

Together we can change the world.