Thursday, March 24, 2011

2011 New Dealer Promotion . . .

This promotion is a token of gratitude and motivation from Public Gold to valued dealers.

New Dealers joins monthly will be entitle for 1 lucky draw to win a brand new BlackBerry smart phone. Introducer of the lucky winner will be awarded one unit of 1 Dinar.

Promotion Ends 30 April 2011.

Terms and conditions:

1. This lucky draw is open for Newly join dealers.

2. Lucky draw is base on the month of joining of the New Dealer.
- Exp. New Dealers join on January will be draw in the January group.

3. Lucky draw winner will be winning a brand new BlackBerry smartphone and the Introducer will be rewarded ONE unit of 1 Dinar.
- Model of the smartphone is to be determine by Public Gold.
- If the winner's Introducer is Public Gold, the 1 Dinar will be Accumulated for the Next Draw, which means the subsequent month's winner Introducer will be walking home with TWO unit of 1 Dinar.

4. Only New Dealers who have made full payment for their purchase will be included in the draw.
- The cut off date for draw selection will be every 5th day of the following month from the month of purchase.
- New Dealers who are not included in the draw will have their draw chance including the Introducer's reward will be FORFEITED.

Public Gold’s management team holds the right to make the final decision if in case any dispute or disagreement occurs.

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